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Reawakening the human spirit, one moment at a time

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We invite you to Sterling Forest...

Sterling Forest Lodge celebrates the lost art of human being. Being curious. Being adventurous. Being conscious. Being Human.

We offer weekend getaways, retreats, and wellness studio where the lodge becomes your sanctuary and the surrounding forest your playground.

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Sterling Forest specializes in all-inclusive Weekend Getaways for you to unplug and recharge. Eat home cooked meals. take a class on our studio, walk in the woods – choose your own adventure.

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The DNA of the Lodge

We created this cozy lodge in the mountains to inspire our guests to live more consciously. Because our world needs us now more than ever. But we believe that wellbeing starts within. So we've designed our programs around experiences that help connect you to yourself and the world around you.

Plates on a table. Plates are full of nourishing, food, cucumbers, wildflowers, and beets.


High quality, nourishing food is the backbone of human health. We use local, organic ingredients combined with the wisdom of ayurveda to create a food program that is healthy, nutritious and most of all, absolutely delicious.

A forest, with a slight misty haze and sunbeams streaming through the trees


We believe grand nature is the key to understanding our own human nature. We've carefully crafted guided experiences and adventures in nature to help reconnect you back to the world from which you came.

The yoga studio with people at practice. Arms raised above their head, looking out the large windows to the outdoors.

Sterling Sanctuary

Sterling Sanctuary is a wellness space that offers a variety of public yoga, wellness workshops, and rustic spa sessions -- all located at Sterling Forest Lodge. With weekly yoga classes, mindful outdoor experiences, wood-fires saunas and hot tubs, and special guest-hosted events, there's always something mindful happening at the Sanctuary...

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Sterling Forest Lodge is committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly, and supportive business practices. From the organic, fair trade products we use, to the support we give back to our local and world communities, we hold ourselves responsible for our impact.

The magic of Vermont

Named after the forest that surrounds us, Sterling Forest Lodge is located in one of the most magical places in all of Vermont. Tucked away at the end of a dirt road in the majestic Green Mountains above the town of Stowe, the lodge is a sanctuary for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and relax into the quiet and peace of deep nature.

Located in beautiful Stowe, Vermont

Now more than ever, people are yearning for connection to something greater than themselves. Our goal is to help you find that inspiration.

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